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OLES ID NO’s OLES – HW30T-300-02,04

The OLES Hydraulic Winches are designed for use in hoisting, deployment, mooring and general pulling applications.

The drum is directly driven via off piston mortor with planetary gearbox. The braking systems are automatic. The winch is fitted with a manually operated directional control value, which is set up for an open loop hydraulic system.

Line Pull SWL – First Layer Pull

– Top Layer Pull

30 Tons

20 Tons

Hold capacity: 30 Tons ( Top layer )
Maximum wire capacity: 300 meter of 38mm wire rope
Drive Hydraulic Motor with Planetary gearbox
Speed: 10-20 meter/ min
Suitable for operating: In no hazardous or hazadous areas
Structure Offshore Standard
Drive Hydraulic
Overall Dimensions LWH:2.2×1.8×1.5m (excluding second base)
Gross Weight 8.5 tons ( including wire rope)
Certificate: Fuction& load test


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